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Learning Today for Tomorrow's World

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Learning Today for Tomorrow's World

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Initial Teacher Training

Your school's direct route for Qualified Teacher Status, training routes for development of leadership capability and ongoing training through CPD.

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Supporting Schools

Gain access to skilled educators to support specific needs in your school, learning new and best practice methods through peer mentoring.

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Paws b & Foundation Training

In  association with MISP, Inspire Teaching Schools are facilitating Foundation and Paws b training courses, through Spring and Summer 2017.

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 Learning Today for Tomorrow's World

inspireEngaging with British Values through a Global Perspective

BVOver the past two years, in partnership with the Global Learning Programme, ‘Inspire’ has been running a teaching and learning project to explore how British Values and the development of SMSC can be integrated into our school curriculum.

Mary Tulley, our Associate leading this project commented “Our partner schools pooled the additional £500 of e-credits per school so that they could all complete the Global Teacher Award and access Writing the World training, what an imaginative and highly inclusive way of raising standards for children”.

As Ofsted recently reported: The work in pupils’ books shows that they have lots of opportunities to practice their writing in a range of subjects… The school uses global education themes very effectively… This makes the learning more relevant and interesting for pupils, and so it contributes to their enthusiasm for learning.

Benefits of Erasmus+

ybvOver twenty-eight teachers and leaders have benefitted from this training and their practice has been disseminated across our schools. This collaborative forum and the support from Emila Quaranta from LEAP, has also led to a number of our schools securing Erasmus+ funding so that they can offer their teachers and support staff high quality training across Europe linked to their school improvement priorities.  This has included leadership development in Finland, Inquiry Learning in Italy, creative mathematics in Belgium, Early Years Development in Iceland and a whole range of other opportunities to continue teachers’ development within a global context.  Our children are learning to be global citizens!

An Ofsted priority this year is the development of MFL within schools.  Inspire will be offering continued training in respect of this.  We will keep you updated!

Building Resilience, Improving Outcomes

Building ResilienceIn partnership with the Local Authority, KCA Associates, Swan and Fairfields Teaching Schools, we are offering you free training to explore how to improve standards by meeting the needs of vulnerable learners.  This might include Looked After Pupils, migrant populations, children living in families with domestic or alcohol abuse or any other child who has suffered trauma and attachment difficulties at an early age.

The initial conference is to launch part of series of 5 further training days also offered at no cost.  For further training, each participating school will also receive £100 per day per delegate attending to help towards the cost of cover and access to a whole range of supportive teaching materials.

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International Research



Some of our alliance schools are already engaged in international work which is funded through Erasmus +. Learning from international contexts provides enriching opportunities for our staff to explore innovation in other countries. Schools already familiar with International schools work are able provide support to other teachers interested in expanding their horizons across Europe.

In collaboration with the Northampton University Research and Development team, we are also developing an exciting international research project to gain insight into responsive curriculum models which promote high levels of pupil engagement. This is intended to up skills teachers in practitioner research and involve children as student researchers. This is an ideal training opportunity if you would like your teaching staff to be skilled in practitioner research.

Educating the Whole Child


We often ask children to pay attention but do we ever teach them how to actually do this?  Over the past two years, a number of our schools have been involved in teaching mindfulness to children, engaging teachers in mindfulness practice as well as teaching children a range of strategies help them direct their attention to experiences 'in the moment'.  Since September, Inspire has trained over thirty teachers in the foundation course and our twelve ITT students have also embarked on mindfulness training. In the spring term, we will train a further fifteen teachers so that they can bring mindfulness to their school. If you would like to pursue an eight week training course follow this link.

The foundation programme ensures that mindfulness is learned in an accessible and practical way.  By practising a range of techniques, participants learn to direct their attention in a more focused way. Those who learn mindfulness not only become more skilful in these technique, they can also break unhelpful mental habits or impulsive behaviour which can help facilitate a sense of wellbeing, reduce anxiety and help all ages to learn more effectively. This year, we have learned about the potential benefits of mindfulness and the most successful way of bring it to young people.  To find out more please read on…

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