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Teaching and Learning Reviews

Inspire Teaching Schools is pleased to announce the opportunity for Community Plus Alliance Members to book a Teaching & Learning Review.

As a Community Plus Inspire Member, you are automatically entitled to receive an annual review of Teaching and Learning across your school. This is led by a trained inspector, accompanied by other senior leaders from within our Alliance.

There are two aspects to the review; bi-annually, where you will receive a written report at the end of the review and annually, where you are given the opportunity to engage in professional dialogue about your school.

The emphasis for the reviews is on the development of efffective Teaching and Learning which secures high outcomes for children.

Review Components

All reviews are shaped by your school's agenda and in line with your school development priorities.

The Bi-annual full review covers one day in school and will comprise:

  • Contextual Data Scrutiny
  • Consideration of the School Development Plan and the School's Self Evaluation
  • RaiseOnline Data review
  • Review of previous inspection reports
  • Review of DfE Performance Table data
  • Discussions around your evaluation of Teaching and Learning and Performance Review systems
  • Matters which you may have raised within your specific agenda

A written report follows this review

The Annual Interim Review will comprise:

  • A brief data trail
  • Discussion of your School Development Plan
  • A Learning Walk
  • Discussions around Staffing and Professional Development
  • Response to your previous full review
  • Discussion around support that Inspire can offer your school


All reviews are free of charge to autonomous Inspire Members. Non-Alliance Member School's may choose to purchase the full review at a price of £1,125.00

How to book

To book a review, you need to choose the most suitable time of year for the inspector to attend your school. The booking form asks for this information, alongside general school information.

Click to start the booking process.