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Inspire Teaching School Alliance was established as a not for profit organisation in September 2014. Our primary objective is to provide a professional development forum for educational professionals working in the primary sector of our school system.

The aims of Inspire are to:

  • Promote educational outcomes for children within our alliance schools which are focused on the social, emotional and cognitive development of the child and which aim to secure positive mental health for all
  • Focus our work to reflect national educational priorities and those which pertain to the local needs of our alliance members
  • Develop a strong network of collaboration across our schools which provides personal and professional support for children and adults alike and extend this into international forums where appropriate
  • Provide a training forum for future teachers and for the existing professional development of our alliance members so that they can meet the evolving needs of learners and become leaders of the future
  • Develop the research capability of our alliance members so that they can develop the quality of teaching and learning that meets contextual needs and which is informed by evidenced based practice.
  • Provide a forum for educational thinking and development that Inspires others to do their very best.


  • Inspire is built on values which distinguish and guide our work. We respect the law, human rights and the creation of sustainable environments.
  • All funds generated from alliance activities are reinvested to enhance the quality of provision within our schools and we will consult with our family of schools to determine how any surplus can be best used to support the development of our children.

The follow principles guide our actions.


We are honest with ourselves and others.


We work with dignity, respect and decency.


We seek to disseminate innovative and effective practice.


We actively promote collaboration locally, nationally and internationally.


We seek creative opportunities to solve problems.


We accept responsibility and evaluate our work and actions.


Our decision and actions are based on Inclusive and ethical practices.

Membership as a Professional Investment

  • Alliance membership is open to Nurseries, Early Years’ Settings and Primary Schools who share the same objective of promoting educational outcomes for young children.  
  • Educational organisations may be Local Authority, Academy or Free Schools or Church Schools.
  • A membership investment is offered at two levels: ‘autonomous membership’ which provides specific advice linked to maintenance of standards or ‘cluster’ or ‘chain’ membership where it is assumed that this provision for advice specifically linked to standards is provided elsewhere.
  • Membership fees are premised on the size of a school and chargeable annually in April of each academic year.  
  • Alliance members are not tied in to membership and may leave the alliance at any point in the year. Should a school elect to leave the alliance, the number of remaining months membership fees will be refunded minus cost for services already taken as part of the Inspire Offer.
  • In order to access the services offered by Inspire, schools must first pay the membership fees in full.
  • Inspire operates a fully inclusive culture and will not discriminate against any organisation on any grounds. The only limiting factor determining whether membership is offered is dependent on the Teaching School’s Capacity to meet the needs of additional members.
  • The capacity of the Teaching School to accept new members is considered by the three Lead Schools: Bliss Charity School, The Grange, Daventry and Hall Meadow and reference to the Governance Board for a final decision.
  • Decisions regarding membership are recorded at meetings of the Governance Board.
  • Should any person bring the reputation of Inspire or any of its family of member schools into disrepute, the Governance of Inspire reserves the right to terminate whole school and personal membership with immediate effect.
  • Membership Investment fees are reviewed annually.
  • Although Inspire is a professional development forum for primary schools, we seek to foster strong links with other organisations, including secondary and special schools who can provide support and development opportunities for our alliance members.

Development and Governance

Inspire has a Development Board and a Governance Board. Each Board meets three times a year. Communication between the two boards is facilitated through the Lead Schools and our on line Inspire Portal. The Governance Board has overall responsibility for the activities of the Teaching School.

The Development Board

The Development Board is comprised of our strategic partners who have been chosen to represent a broad spectrum of organisations who have a specific interest in education and who can inform the strategic direction of the teaching school.


  • To provide a social and public perspective to inform the strategic direction of Inspire.
  • To provide a professional perspective on local, national and international matters.
  • To support the safeguarding capacity of alliance member schools.
  • To ask and answer questions linked to the work of the Inspire.
  • To provide a professional discussion forum.
  • To provide business advice.
  • To promote community cohesion.
  • To support with professional development initiatives where appropriate.
  • To provide a better awareness around local issues and concerns.
  • To provide a forum for discussion on any matters pertaining to education work undertaken.
  • To contribute to Inspire’s action plans.
  • To provide feedback on the work of the Inspire Alliance.
  • To serve as a ‘critical friend’ to Inspire.

The Governance Board

The Governance Board is comprised of the Head Teachers from each of the three Lead Schools, at least one staff representative from each of the Lead Schools and at least one governor from each of the Lead schools.


  • To monitor and review the work of the Teaching School.
  • To monitor the quality assurance of the work undertaken by Inspire.
  • To ensure that Inspire meets the priorities of those who provide funding streams for the Teaching School.
  • To ensure that Inspire operates within legal guidelines.
  • To monitor the impact that Inspire has on Lead Schools.
  • To review budget monitoring reports linked to income and expenditure and other evidence of delegated financial control.
  • To oversee any contracts as required.
  • To oversee any funding bids and educational outcomes in relation to this.
  • To ensure that Inspire adheres to the conditions related to its legal and charitable status as a Foundation Model of the Charity Incorporate Organisation.
  • To monitor the membership of the Teaching School and make decisions in relation to this.
  • To determine the staffing structure of the teaching school and oversee the appointment procedure for any staff employed.
  • To act as a ‘first committee’ for formal procedures.
  • To ensure that correct personnel procedures are followed for any staff employed by the Teaching school.


  • Inspire will review the relevance and value of its work on an annual basis.
  • All review processes will be linked to the impact that the particular initiatives have for supporting schools and developing quality opportunities and outcomes for young learners.
  • All persons who work on behalf of Inspire will regularly review the contribution that they make to improving school and securing better outcomes for young children.
  • Lead schools will review their areas of specific responsibility and how they have contributed to the entire work of the Teaching School.
  • Inspire Development and Governance Boards will review the contribution that they make to the Teaching School on an annual basis.

Sharing of Information

  • Through designated meetings and electronic communications members will be able to share information and resources
  • It is the responsibility of members of make it clear where a matter shall remain confidential or if there are restrictions limiting circulation or copyright for content or specific instructions in relation to the use of content.
  • Inspire will continue to develop our website to facilitate communication and has a secure password protected area to share particular resources and information

Contacting Inspire

Inspire Teaching School Alliance

Unit 2,
Swan Court,

Main Line: 01604 434610
Ali Buttress Direct Dial - 01604 434611

Why Train through Inspire?

Initial Teacher Training Opportunities

If you are looking for a rewarding career where you can transform lives, then teaching may be the career for you. Inspire Teaching Schools can help you to achieve your ambition through our Schools Direct programme.

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The Inspire Offer

We offer two options to Alliance Members:

  1. LA Schools or Multi Academy Chains who wish to avail of the audits and reviews and SLE support as part of the offer.
  2. Schools with Teaching & Learning and Safeguarding reviews and SLE support as part of their provision already.

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