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Fancy becoming a Primary SLE?

We are currently welcoming applicants for the role of SLE in English, Music, Mathematics, Assessment and MFL as well as Computing.

Applications should be returned to:
Lorraine Cullen
Inspire TSA
2 Swan Court,

Email your Applications to Here

Need help filling out the application? Need more information about becoming an SLE? Click here to contact us for support.

You may find it helpful to visit the NCTL website (National College of Teaching & Leadership) for more details about this role.

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We have a number of experienced and well trained professionals to help support the improvement of teaching and learning across our alliance. These people will work with your school staff with a view to promoting leadership capacity within your organisation.

National, Local and Specialist leaders are available to advise on issues such as; leadership development,supporting improvement agendas, subject development, supporting different groups, inclusion, and the engagement and well-being of children. All of our work is focused on the improvement of teaching and learning. National and specialist leaders can work with schools as part of a externally funded and supported strategy or in line with your own school development priorities.

The grid below identifies the leaders currently available for school to school support. All of these professionals are actively engaged in work with children in line with their area of expertise. To access the services of any of our specialist leaders' services, please follow the links below.

Supporting School Improvement

Specialist Leaders in Education

Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) are outstanding middle and senior leaders who have the skills to support individuals or teams in similar positions in other schools. They understand what outstanding leadership practice in their area of expertise looks like and are skilled in helping other leaders to achieve it in their own context.

SLEs can provide support by acting as ‘system leaders’, supporting individual leaders and teams in other schools by using a high level coaching or facilitation approach that draws on their knowledge and expertise in their specialist area. Support may involve a wide variety of approaches, including diagnostic models, one-to-one or facilitated group support, and if required site visits to track progress and impact.

For detailed informtion about Inspire Teaching School's SLE offerings, what it is, the benefits to your school and to see a list of our SLEs to allow you to book sessions with them, click here.

For further information please contact Gaynor Yates at, or call 01327 705785.