Carer Support



In Britain, three million people cope with the demands of employment and being a carer.  One in five of these people feel forced to give up work.  If you are a carer or wish to support a colleague who is a carer ‘Northamptonshire Carers’ can help you.  They offer a range of services, some of these are offered at no cost.


Contact details:

Telephone: 01933 677837

Jacqui Blake: Mob: 07540 669732

Nicola Best: Mob: 07946 541359



Free Services Offered during Pilot Period

  • Staff audit
  • Access to phone support;
  • Carer awareness training for managers including E-learning;
  • On site surgery;
  • Assistive technology;
  • Employer accreditation and recognition scheme;
  • Guidance and mentoring

Inspiring Wellbeing

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